Individual sessions

Individual sessions

Learn to make peace with Food, Mind, Body & Soul

Starting now, you can begin a brand new journey toward a more positive path for yourself – one that’s filled with growth, well-being, acceptance and empowerment.

My own life struggles with an eating disorder led me to be a genuinely caring therapist who loves to see people set free and living their best lives by helping them heal and achieve full Recovery.

For that purpose, I am offering individual sessions that will maximize the chances of long-term Recovery by targeting 4 essential pillars Food, Mind, Body & Soul, and my mission is to guide and support you all through this adventurous journey!

joanna Jleilaty


In this very first section of our work together, you will learn to:

  • Stop the disordered eating behaviors
    • Restricting
    • Overeating
    • Emotionally Eating
    • Binge Eating
    • Purging
  • Monitor your Food Intake
  • Implement Regular Eating Patterns
  • Identify the Triggers to Eating Behaviors
  • Find Solutions to Food Challenges
  • Differentiate Real Hunger from Other Eating Urges


In this second part, you will learn about the power of your mind in managing the Eating Disorder voice.

We will work together onto:

  • Alternating Triggering Thoughts
  • Challenging your Eating Disorder Voice
  • Replacing Negative Patterns with Positive Ones
  • Uncovering Limiting Beliefs
  • Re-framing your Mind’s Voice
  • Breaking Free from Self-Criticism and Self-Sabotage


The third section will help you to accept, respect and love your body.
You will learn about:

  • The 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating
  • Intuitive Exercise
  • Body-Image
  • Health at Every Size
  • Body Care and Body Compassion


This last section will set you free from your eating disorder. You will be guided to discover your real identity; who you are genuinely without the eating disorder. Together we will dig deeper into your purpose in life and find the meaning of your life.
With professional clearance, you will start to:

  • See the Biggest Picture of your Life
  • Connect Soulfully
  • Align Mind, Body & Soul
  • Create your Own Unconditional Support
  • Liberate and Heal Your Inner Self

The Last Steps…

I am adding this extra section as a way to prevent you from future Relapses. The last steps are about learning how to maintain the progress you’ve made by using the skills, tools and techniques you’ve learned during our journey together.
During these last steps, we will set together a maintenance plan that targets your personalized needs. You will be successfully equipped with all that is required for you to spread your strong wings and fly wild and free into your life!

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